About noMachine


We have elected to use noMachine for our Kali Linux Cloud Pentesting service due to it extreme performance over WAN .

Customers may elect to use noVNC which can be access by the cloud dashboard but using this will see low performance and latency.
If you want the best possible performance we strongly suggest downloading the noMachine client from the noMachine website and install it. noMachine allows you to shared files from your local PC to the Kali VPS which will be very handy when transfering scripts and other data.

We have pre-installed the noMachine server software so all you need it the client and the noMachine client is available for all operating systems.
Visit https://www.nomachine.com/


Customers should also note that when installing the noMachine client you can leave all defaults as these work perfectly. The only settings you can change after the install is complete is the Quality settings and also the resolution.
Once these settings are changed there is nothing more you need to do.
noMachine is far better than using the noVNC console as we have tested the performance and the results speak for themselves.


You should also add that noMachine inside the Kali Linux VPS machines will update automatically and you should make sure you are running the latest version as the newer version have more features and performance