Bug bounties using a Kali VPS!


Using my Kali VPS and a week’s worth of holidays I’ve made some good bounties this week! 10k USD and 1.5k EUR. I’ve made a brief write-up here of the USD part: http://alickgardiner.com/paypal-testserver/ My VPS has more than paid for itself for the year already at the 2GB option, so I may upgrade.

I’ve started a school at work and onehost has been officially approved to give us a 4gb machine to share among 3 students :smiley: it’s all very exciting.

I’m thinking I’ll just allow them all remote in as root so they can see if there are other taxing processes on the go so they can decide how hard they go. I’d imagined each one booking days to use the server but I know I personally would get frustrated by that when I just want to attack something or try out a script. I think creating a user for each one would just lead to a lot of slowdown if they’re all using it like I do.

I did have a mate who was showing me his preferred VPS options; none of these are pentest-oriented and I had to explain to him what would happen if he did scans from his usual host! I can’t do these from work or the whole office would be captcha’d forever. If he used his server he’d be banned for TOS violations within 5 seconds

Long live onehost!