Burp update issues


I’m having problems updating BURP. I want to update to the professional version. Most of my work will be conducting research on web applications. Has anyone experienced this problem.


The Kali Linux image used is EXACTLY the same as what is provided from the Kali website so any updates will affect all Kali installed.

There is no automated process so you need to download the latest version from the appropriate website and use below as a guide in this process.

Download the latest jar file
Navigate to /usr/bin and rename burpsuite to burpsuite(old)
Copy the jar that was just downloaded into /usr/bin
Right-click and rename the jar to burpsuite, and Allow executing file as program
Upon successful launch, you can delete burpsuite(old) from /usr/bin.



Please let us know if you are still having issues and I will assign someone to provision a VM and do some testing in our downtime.


IIRC you don’t really upgrade burp to professional, you install a new professional version


Yes you are correct hence why we stated to download the latest release and remove the old version. Thanks for your input and clarification.