Connecting to Kali Linux VPS with Android & iOS


Install NoMachine on your Android device. Guides can be found in our Community or Knowledge Base.

For Android
Visit the Play Store to download the NoMachine package for Android to your device.

Or for iOS
Visit the Apple Store to download the NoMachine app for iOS.

Remotely connect to your computer

Step 1: Start your first connection

Tap the NoMachine icon (!M) on your device to begin. Use the Connection Wizard to be guided through creating a new connection, or tap Continue to skip it.

A list of all NoMachine-enabled computers on the same network appears, and if you have already used NoMachine in the past, any connections you created will also show up here. There are two ways to start a connection: i) double tap on one of the NoMachine hosts in the list, or ii) if there no hosts in the list, use the Quick Connect by inserting the IP address and port number you noted down earlier like this: and tap Connect. Now proceed to Step 2.

Select a computer (LAN only) or insert your public IP address:Port

Step 2: Log in to the remote computer
You will be prompted to log in using the credentials for your account on the remote computer. Use your usual account credentials.
Tap and wait a few more seconds while NoMachine connects you to your Kali Linux remote desktop.

Insert the credentials of your Kali VPS

Step 3: You are connected!

Welcome panels will illustrate the touch controls and gestures. Tap OK

Illustrations of gestures to use for NoMachine connections from Android to remote desktop
NoMachine for Mobile gestures
Congratulations! Your Kali Linux VPS remote desktop is now at your fingertips.
You can now control your remote Kali Linux VPS with your Android device.
The full guide can be found on the noMachine website here


I was thinking of this the other day, just to have a look at how things are progressing with a script on the commute home. I’ve no idea what to expect from needing to do work that way but I don’t think it’s in my requirements, I’ll give it a go out of curiosity anyway though