Connecting To Your Tor Hosting via FTP ( SOCKS5 Proxy )


You must have TOR daemon running and setup the correct settings via your FTP client. You can install the Tor daemon by visiting here

In this example we are using Filezilla and you need to substitute the username for your own .onion address.

First open Filezilla and under settings you need to select Generic Proxy and add entries under SOCKS5 proxy like the image below.

Next you need to setup additional proxy settings which in Filezilla can be found by selecting ‘Edit’ from the menu and ‘Settings’

Next you need to enter the details in Filezilla as below. Use our tor onion address as the host and your onion address as the username.

Once you follow these settings you should now be connected to your tor hosting server and you can upload your files and change file permissions as required.

If you need any assistance or support please feel free to contact our team by lodging a support ticket.