Connecting with noMachine


We have pre-installed the noMachine server application in our Kali Linux template. This provides easy Remote Desktop access to your Kali Linux instance.

noMachine listens on port 4000 and this port is open by default in our kali machines. If you configure the iptables firewall in Kali Linux will will need to ensure you open port 4000 so you can still access with noMachine. If you ever lose access there is the option to use noVNC however this is not for everyday use and performance will be less when using noVNC.

Connecting and information on using the noMachine client can be found here


Customers should also note that using noMachine is far better performance wise than using noVNC plus noMachine has many more features such as local to remote file copying as well as printer and whole disk sharing. Access your c:/ on your Kali Linux VPS for easy file copying.


I’d add the FYI that when nomachine is open your copy and paste won’t work for anything else except between your host and kali machine; tried to copy my password from keepass to log in here and it’d only ever show up as one character until I closed nomachine.

Sessions can be resumed though so just close yours if you want to use your clipboard :joy:


I believe copy and paste does work last time we tried it however there has been a number of updates so we will try it again to confirm. In the meantime there is a post here on the noMachine website