Fraud & Payment Verification


Due to the high fraud rate in this industry, OneHost Cloud incorporates multiple anti-fraud measures to validate customer credit card payments.

If paying via credit card and to minimize delays we advise to submit a support ticket with a copy of the card. For security reasons you can black out all information EXCEPT the last four digits and name on the card.

On occasions your payment maybe approved and your service provisioned however our validation team checks all credit card payments and they may sent a verification email requesting a copy of the card. If this is not completed the service will be suspended until such time you provide this. You can send the card image to verification ( at )

If paying via credit card and you use a VPN it is highly likely that your payment will be blocked. We advise you to turn off your VPN until payment is completed or alternatively you can make payment via PayPal or Bitcoin.

If any customer fails validation we will change the status of your payment as Fraudulent and block the card which will prevent the card from being used for any purchases on our site. In addition due to our anti-fraud measure any card blocking from our site will also affect other payments on other sites with your card due to the global fraud algorithm.