Future Expansion


We have had an exciting year for your cloud pentesting service and because of th is we intend to further expand and upgrade our existing infrastructure. This upgrade will further improve the performance of our pentesting cloud and ensure maximum reliability and performance.

As Christmas and the New Year is far approaching we expect a small drop off in cloud pentesting order so we will be adding more compute hosts to our public cloud sometime in the first or second week of January 2019.

Due to this upgrade customers will notice a small/medium increase is performance as the more compute hosts we add the less stress we put on our existing hosts which in turn increase the performance namely the speed of the traffic. Our existing uplinks are 10Gbit and there are some customers who use our services for uses it is not designed for and we quickly identify and take action.

In order to keep our pentesting cloud monthly costs low for our customers we limit each virtual machine to 500 hours per month and we advise customers to shutdown their instances after use as instances that are shutdown do not count towards this limit. If for some reason you need unlimited hours this add-on can be purchases additionally.

Customers should also keep in mind that accessing your Kali Linux Instance via noVNC will function however it is NOT designed for everyday access and you will experience performance degredation if you elect to keep accessing your instance this way. For remote desktop access we have pre-installed noMachine Remote Desktop which provides the best performance and features - to use this all customers need to do is download the noMachine client from the noMachine website and select your OS and the defaults will connect to your instance. After successful connection you should change the optimization levels and resolution for an even more user friendly experience.

As always be are looking at further ways to improve our pentesting services so we welcome any feedback from customers.

Kind Regards

Ben McGuire

OneHost Cloud Limited.