New Kali Linux 2018.2 XFCE Version


Thanks to @KirstyB we now have the latest Kali Linux 2018.2 template built and is now available in our Kali VPS offerings.
This template that we have built uses the virtio IO drivers for increased performance and stability. Our older template used the scsi drivers which in a cloud hosting environment is not ideal.

One difference is we have remove the GNOME version and replaced it with the Kali XFCE version thanks to @AnomanderRake who has thoroughly tested it and advised that it performs much better in our environment which we also confirm after completing our own testing.

Customers can install the GNOME desktop environment over XFCE but we advise against this if you want performance. In addition customers should also note that use noVNC will not perform as good as noMachine as resources are limited when using noVNC so please do not rely on it for every day use.
XFCE looks different to what many are used to however the only difference is the look…all tools that are in the GNOME version are in the XFCE version.

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Very exciting!!

What are the steps for existing users to move over? (Personally all my assets are in github and evidence of current projects in the pipeline already captured so I can easily wipe everything)


The way to use the new version will be to rebuild your existing VM and select the 2018.2-xfce version.


Ah I see it. OS Reinstall on the dashboard.

Cheers to everyone involved, I’ll give that a go! :smiley:

edit: everything went smoothly; the switchover took about 4 minutes and then I could just ssh or nomachine into it exactly as before straight away. Perfect :sunglasses: