New Kali Linux Locations


We are seeking interest in possibly adding more servers to our public cloud outside of Europe. Currently our public cloud is based in France and it has come to our attention that there has been some latency issues for customers based in countries such as the United States, Australia and South America.
While due to our privacy protections we are very hesitant in have any servers in the US however should there be an overwhelming need we would consider it.
The same applies to other continents. If customers would benefit please reply here and we can then eventually look at adding more outside of the EU.


When it comes to data protection I would’ve thought Europe was preferable for most people, especially with GDPR adding an extra layer, a lot of businesses (even in the B2B area) are promoting their data centres as either Non-US or within the EU or both as a strong selling point


Yes you are correct Europe is a preferred location and hence why we currently host all our servers here. We used to have a few servers in the United States hosting our Shared Hosting however we recectly migrated customers to our EU Shared Hosting as we really dislike hosting anything in the US due to their privacy regulations ( or lack-thereof ) and spying from various intelligence agencies.
Due to the nature of our Pentesting Cloud there are very few customers that want to host such servers in the US however we though if there was a need we would certainly consider it.
I know that managment is considering other options that are closer to the US such as South America but we are wary of their peering networks and datacenters.
All in good time I guess. I know our main focus is our new IaaS cloud which is scheduled for roll out in 5 continents ( including the US ) as we are going to run OneHost Cloud as a separate business focusing on our Pentesting Cloud. We are building a custom cloud dashboard similar to Digital Ocean but with more features and greater privacy. As this will be a new company we will not be allowing Kali Linux on our new public cloud so all Pentesing VPS machines will be run through OneHost Cloud.
Getting back to privacy I know our security staff are working on encryption for all cloud storage to increase data protection and customer privacy. Many things are in the works including a new website for OneHost Cloud which I myself have almost finished.

Lastly you are right as we are seeing many DC market themselves as non-US and it is unfortunate that the US has a large customer base which cannot be ignored so unless customers can accept the small latency from the US to Europe we no doubt will have to host servers in the US as many complain at an increase of 200ms which many would never notice except for few sites that require low latency such as share traders and the like. After some tests and research we may never need to venture into the US again if DC’s in South Amercia get their act together as we would much prefer to deploy a few dedicated servers there.