New Public Cloud Coming Soon

IN order to service customers and provide a fast and improved cloud solution we are shortly rolling out our new cloud platform.
Currently our cloud customers utilize our platform via KVM and this has served many thousands of customers over the past 3 years.

Now its time for a change.

Over the coming weeks we will be migrating all cloud customers virtual machines to our Openstack public cloud solution. We are deploying and currently testing the latest Cloudstack and deploying on our existing VMware infrastructure. This new platform will ensure customers obtain the best performance and offerings Cloudstack has to offer.

In saying this, we will also be deploying a new cloud dashboard where customers can order cloud instances, pay invoices, submit tickets, resize instances, create snapshots, create containers via our swift storage.

We are excited to improve our service and are confident our new and existing customers will see new and improved features.

Further, we will be rolling our new locations such as Australia, Germany, Canada and more.

Below is a preview of the cloud dashboard which customers will be able to utilize.

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