New Status Page


I have added a new Status page where customers can subscribe to updates so you can receive instant notifications on issues or planned maintenance of our cloud service.

I will be adding more functions to it over the next few days and this is truly a step forward and is far superior to our previous status page which did not have the subscription function.

When subscribing you can deselect any services you do not have so for example if you only have shared hosting you can only leave that selected so you do not receive emails about services you do not have.
If you have any feedback please let us know as we are always wanting ideas from our customers on how we can improve our service.

You can find the status page by visting this URL


That’s awesome, I like the historic events underneath too. Cheers!


Thank you. Ill be adding Metrics soon which will provide live statistics. Should be no more than a week or two. :blush:


Look great and now it allows for easy notification in case there are any issues with my Kali VPS but so far in almost a month there has NEVER been any issues !!!