Overdue Payments


We have strict rules governing overdue invoices and payments however we grant extensions based on the customers past history, length of time with OneHost Cloud and other factors.

Should you know you are going to be late we encourage customers to submit a support ticket stating the amount of time you need and we will happily postpone any suspension. Please note that extensions will NOT be granted for customers that have been with us less than 2 months.

The following time limits apply to over due payments:-

VPS and Shared Hosting Plans - 1 day overdue the service is suspended. 5 days service is terminated which will remove all data from our servers. Any retrieval of content is NOT possible after termination due to privacy considerations.


Be advised that we have now changed the termination expiry to 3 days so if you know you are going to be late or need more time to pay contact us immediately so we can ensure your service is not auto-terminated