"The operation could not be completed"


I’m trying to start my VM, but every time I git start I get an instant popup saying the operation couldn’t be completed without it even looking like it’s got time to wait for a post/response process

Is there a known outage?


Nevermind, came back after an hour or so, do we have a service status page to check?


There was a mysql issue about 10 hours ago which needed reconfiguring. This has been completed and VMs were inaccessible for about 20 mins.

We do have a status page as https://status.onehostcloud.hosting


Ah I’ll bookmark that! Cheers, it just happened exactly as I was switching to XFCE so I thought I’d somehow bricked it, just my wonderful timing :smiley: It’s definitely not as great as gnome but I lived through mandrake 5 so I can handle it :wink:


We are looking at replacing the status page once Kirsty finishes the new template Ill get her to work on the new status page. We only added the current once just to have something but I am not happy with it as the downtimes it is currently displaying are not actual. It displays our website as down on occasions and I know for a fact that is not the case.

The new status page will have the same URL so your book mark will still be valid.


Please be advised that I have finished the new Status site.
There is a subscribe button at the bottom of the page so you can receive updates should there be any issues with our cloud. I will be adding more to it including metrics over the coming days.


I like my mental imagery that Kirsty’s holding the place together like a slave while the rest stand around with a cup of tea, probably making sure health and safety’s being conformed to or somesuch :joy:


LOL…Not its not like that @AnomanderRake I take care of all the hard stuff while other support staff are busy teaching some VPS customers how login login to their VM using SSH…I wouldn’t have the patience :wink: so I am happy in my own little world marking off little projects.


Sounds pretty sweet to me :smiley: I always seem to have a side-project or two on the go, I think it’s some sort of pre-requisite to get into tech properly