Tor Hosting Restrictions



OneHost Cloud is the premier Tor Hosting provider and has been providing Tor Hidden Hosting Solutions for the past 3 years. We host currently about 9000 Tor Hidden Websites and this is growing each day.

Our Tor hosting is complex yet simple. We provide a dedicated dashboard that allows you to upload your own private keys ( Onion Address ) or allow our system to automatically create one for you. In addition you can also select the PHP version ( 7.0-7.2 ) or you can opt to have no PHP installed.

Once provisioned you need to contact our team as we need to acivate the service once you register via the Tor Dashboard.

For those looking for SSH access or any other command line then this is not for you. This is a TOR HIDDEN HOSTING SERVICE with PHP as optional and MySQL with phpMyAdmin or Adminer.

As our Tor hosting is part of our tor cluster you are sharing ( jailed chroot ) with many other customers so we cannot install any modules that are not already install so please do not ask.
If you want to run Wordpress you can as all the options are installed to run a Wordpress site. However, some third-party scripts may need other modules so you should check with us first before purchasing but 99% of customers have no issues.

If you want to learn how to install Wordpress follow this guide here

You can purchase a Tor Hidden Service for $3.99 per month or lifetime access for $39.99

Due to the nature of some of our Tor sites we do not access customers data or will we ever provide guidance as it is expected that anyone wanting to host a tor website should be experienced and know a little about web hosting and how tor works.