Unusual Traffic


I have received an unusual traffic google message " Unusual traffic from your computer network" I was then prompted to go through a million captchas. Has anyone else received this message. I have not started any research as of this time that would indicate any type of scanning or scraping.



It will be because our public IPs on our Pentesting cloud have been used by many customers prior to yourself and they may have engaged in some type of activity to make Google wary of the IP and to prevent such activity they implement the captcha. Nothing to be concerned about however it is frustrating to have happen all the time.
If you need another IP we can easily provide you with a different IP address if needed but it is not usually done by considering your circumstances and the professional pentesting you are doing we will be glad to assist you any way we can.


was this just for a search? I just use search engines on my local machine, any scripts etc I write on the VPS can’t be affected by a captcha appearing, if they are then they’re not fit for purpose anyway.