VPS Password Changes Bug


Our team has noticed a small bug in how password changes are made within our cloud dashboard.
Currently our cloud dashboard allows customers to change their root password without accessing their VPS.
Some customers would have attempted this and ran into issues with not being able to access with the new password.
This is due to special characters being used in the new password.

A work-around is when creating a new password via the cloud dashboard is to use a simlple password of numbers and letters ( without special characters ) and then once the password is changed then login via SSH and create a more complex password. In addition any password changes made via the cloud dashboard you are required to fully shutdown your VPS then boot it and your new password will be active.

We are working on the fix and will update this post once we have completed the resolution.


I have viewed the issue and am working on a solution however it is not a priority as we will implement this with the new Kali version template which will be in a few weeks.