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I am trying to run a handler on this kali vps after running msfconsole but i get this error, { use exploit multi/handler
[-] Failed to load module: exploit} Please advice on how to go about it. Thanks
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Normally, the error should read something like “FAILED TO LOAD MODULE:xploit/unix/irc/unrealircd3281_backdoor”, ie, should show the full path to the exploit you’re trying to use.

If the error message stops at the word “exploit”, I’d bet ten bucks you put a space in your command line after “exploit”, rather than a forward slash.

For example, “use exploit unix/irc/unrealircd3281_backdoor” or “use exploit /unix/irc/unrealircd3281_backdoor” are both incorrect. The proper syntax is
“use exploit/unix/irc/unrealircd3281_backdoor”

However as you have not posted the complete error message we can only guess what the issue may be. More than likely it is a syntax issue or ever an issue within Metasploit.


Thanks for yours, i got the issue sorted, now i get this error, {{ meterpreter > msf exploit(multi/handler) > sessions 1
[-] Unknown command: msf.
[*] Starting interaction with 1…

meterpreter > sysinfo
[-] Unknown command: sysinfo.
meterpreter > getuid
[-] Unknown command: getuid.
meterpreter > load stdapi
Loading extension stdapi…
[-] Failed to load extension: No response was received to the core_enumextcmd request.
meterpreter >

what am i doing wrong?

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Normally those errors are due to either the sql database not being started or the syntax is incorrect.

It is difficult to provide detailed assistance however you may refer to this guide

It is there you will find the exact commands that need to be used.
In addition regarding the first issue you had, it is helpful to others if you could reply with the solution to your first issue so that others may benefit from you.


i’d also just try “help” to see what commands are available; not all commands are available on all systems, a lot of it depends on the type of shell and nature of the target machine.